Individual Security Volunteer

Program Premiums as follows: $250,000 Limit of Liability

Individual Volunteers

$175 Annual (Certified)
$225 Annual (Not Certified)

$250 Annual (Certified)
$300 Annual (Not Certified)

Security Teams

Rated per above with one policy that covers all volunteers.

House of Worship

Is specifically named on policy as insured.

Expand Firearms coverage to 24 hours/7 days

Volunteers that have a state concealed carry permit or HR218 can expand coverage to outside of religious institution.
Additional Premium - $100 Annual ($250,000 Criminal & Civil coverage)

Member Information

Member Information

Policy Information

Any additional incidents that have occurred which may result in a claim made against the applicant?


Additional Services



Please select which operations you are involved in and then enter the total annual hours of business done in that category.

Overall Operations

Social Event



Sporting Events

Homeless Shelters

Other Operations



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